GeekWire / April 14, 2022

How Seattle’s new waterfront could boost a battered downtown and impact tech companies

You might say the Seattle waterfront project has faced a few setbacks.

There was the multi-year fight about how to solve the problem of the crumbling Alaskan Way viaduct. The round-and-round debates about tunnels versus surface streets versus elevated highways. There was the time tunnel-boring machine “Bertha” gave up the ghost and sat stone-still beneath the city for two years. And the time Pier 58 fell into Puget Sound.

Reimagining the Civic Commons / April 12, 2022

Why 3 Cities Are Using ARPA Funds to Boost Civic Infrastructure

It’s been more than a year since the American Rescue Plan Act, known as ARPA, was passed into law. This historic, $1.9 trillion package of stimulus funding was designed by Congress to address the ongoing economic crisis resulting from COVID-19, and to build upon the first federal COVID funding package, the legislation passed in 2020 known as the CARES Act.

Star Tribune / March 21, 2022

Anonymous donor buys northern Minnesota ski resort for parkland

The chair lifts are gone, and the Bavaria-themed lodge has fallen into disrepair. Val Chatel was once a thriving ski resort in the Mississippi River headwaters near Park Rapids. Nestled in the forested hills around Deep Lake, it was a popular site for wedding receptions as well as short downhill runs.

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, the Trust for Public Land, the San Francisco Parks Alliance, and the A. Philip Randolph Institute / March 1, 2022

India Basin Waterfront Park's Equitable Development Plan

The India Basin Waterfront Park Project partners, made up of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, the Trust for Public Land, the San Francisco Parks Alliance, and the A. Philip Randolph Institute, are excited to share with you the Equitable Development Plan (EDP) for this transformative renovation. The landmark plan, a first for San Francisco, ensures this waterfront park will benefit current Bayview-Hunters Point residents while preserving the culture and identity of the historic neighborhood. It provides a blueprint for delivering a park designed by and for the community while improving economic opportunity and environmental health for its residents.

American Planning Association / January 27, 2022

How to Create Shovel-Worthy Infrastructure

Human beings are hardwired to seek out what we define as “wellbeing”: connection and belonging; safety; familiarity and predictability; purposeful and creative influence on our surroundings and future; and access to food, shelter, and other resources without shame or danger. Wellbeing is about being whole, as individuals and communities. While health and wellness are part of this, wellbeing reaches much further and deeper. It’s foundational.

Medium / January 27, 2022

Establishing a Nexus for Community

The past year has served to reconfirm the importance of a robust, nature-rich public realm that is welcoming to all. From health and wellbeing to environmental and economic resiliency, our parks, trails, libraries and community centers are critical civic infrastructure that provide multi-faceted benefits for communities. Today, the eighth in our series of photo essays reflecting on public space efforts in cities across the country, features The Underline in Miami.

Public Square / Congress for the New Urbanism / January 18, 2022

Signature park project bridges community divide

Successful equitable development takes work but there are steps and actions organizations can take to ensure local communities are truly involved. The 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington, D.C. will break ground later this year, but it is the long-term community engagement work that illustrates how time, trust, and collective ownership are vital to successful equitable development.