Common Edge / August 15, 2022

The Memphis Experience: Building a Park on a Tightrope

Our cities deserve parks that transcend our nation’s divisions. This means we must be bold in their creation. They have to be located in places where poor people can easily get to them and wealthy people can easily see them. They have to be alluring enough to attract people with money who can spend time wherever they choose and welcoming enough to attract people who don’t necessarily believe such places are meant for them. They have to be civil enough to convey the feeling of safety but not so restrictive that joy cannot be amply expressed. They have to reflect both the diversity of a community and the beliefs and values it holds in common.

The High Line / August 9, 2022

Alan van Capelle to join as Executive Director

Today, we can announce we have selected Alan van Capelle to serve as our next Executive Director. In Alan, we have found someone with the experience, relationships, and passion to lead us into the next stage of our growth. He’ll officially join our team this coming January.


Next City / July 19, 2022

High Line Opens The Practice of Democracy: We Hold These Truths, an Immersive Exhibition Exploring The Ways Democracy Manifests in The Built Environment

The High Line announces that a new exhibition, The Practice of Democracy: We Hold These Truths, is on now view through October 2, 2022 in the High Line’s 14th Street Passage. Through an immersive installation designed by April De Simone of the non-profit research and design agency Designing for Democracy, visitors are invited to explore the ways democracy shows up in our everyday lives, neighborhoods, and worlds. Organized as a past-to-present journey, the exhibition and related programming trace the policies, practices, and investments that shape how democracy is defined and experienced in our cities and the High Line in particular, and offer communities opportunities to connect through these experiences.