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The High Line Network fosters a community where we learn from each other.

New Monuments for New Cities

New Monuments for New Cities is the inaugural joint art initiative of the High Line Network, a community of infrastructure reuse projects in North America, and High Line Art. For the exhibition, five Network members invited five local artists or artist groups to create proposals for new monuments in their cities. The exhibition of all 25 artworks traveled throughout 2019 to Houston, Austin, Chicago, and Toronto, and culminated in New York.

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Best Practices Toolkit

Strategies and Tactics for Early-Phase Infrastructure Reuse Projects – Volume 1

For the last few years, the High Line Network has been organizing a number of private and public facing events and discussion forums. What’s worked for its members, what lessons were learned, and what useful advice they can share with a bigger community were the questions that drove these conversations.

The Network then codified a significant amount of content. Structured in a series of volumes, the Network wishes to share these best practices with a larger community of infrastructure reuse projects—dedicating this first volume to early-stage projects—to contribute useful strategies and tools for getting infrastructure reuse projects off the ground.

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Beyond appearances: Community activism and New York City’s High Line

Diane E. Davis & Stephen F. Gray

Views of the High Line emphasize either its formal and ecological design attributes or its role in gentrification and displacement. Such assessments ignore the activist agendas that brought the project about and that continue to propel its equity mission. This essay places the High Line’s implementation and impacts in the context of citizen advocacy. It reveals the strategies used by local residents to undermine opposition by city officials and developers; it identifies the ways that project supporters have become victims of their own success; and it details the organizational and programmatic responses undertaken by the High Line to compensate for the project’s negative impacts, ranging from inclusive programming to the establishment of an inter-city advocacy network for sharing ideas about how to repurpose industrial infrastructures as public spaces that reinforce equity and inclusion.

Beyond appearances Community activism and New York City s High Line

Trinity Park Conservancy

The Harold Simmons Park Equitable Development Toolkit emerges from the Trinity Park Conservancy’s mission to transform the Trinity River to become the heart of Dallas, fostering community development that brings the city together. Implicit in the Conservancy’s mission is a commitment to equity and equitable development.

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Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine is the most comprehensive revitalization effort ever undertaken in the City of Atlanta and among the largest, most wide ranging urban redevelopment and mobility projects underway in the country.

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