Great Lakes Echo / April 22, 2020

‘Greening’ Detroit’s riverfront

The Environmental Protection Agency recently signed a $2.5 million agreement to clean the Detroit River and create new habitat for wildlife. The money will be used to clean contaminated river sediments and create homes for fish and wildlife in a cove area at the Ralph C. Wilson Centennial Park, a park being built along Detroit’s waterfront. 

Next City / April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Reveals How Micromobility Can Build Resilient Cities

In early March, bikeshare ridership saw an initial surge in cities like New York City, Philadelphia, and others as wary riders avoid mass transit. We can expect ridership to fluctuate as governments issue stricter guidance to keep people safe at home as much as possible.

The Daily News / April 1, 2020

Parks are cathedrals, especially now: Appreciating public spaces during a pandemic

Parks and other natural spaces have never been so appreciated, or as heavily used as they are now. But some cities are shutting down parts or entireties of their park systems, even as most public health experts and epidemiologists have said it is safe, even beneficial, for people to get outdoors for exercise and mental health, as long as we safely distance ourselves and avoid group congregations or activities.