About the network

The High Line Network is a group of infrastructure reuse projects—and the people who are helping them come to life.
Photo Credit: The Sintoses

The next generation of public spaces

As cities become denser and land for traditional parks becomes scarce, citizens are finding creative ways to bring greenspace to their neighborhoods. Projects in the High Line Network transform underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes. Redefining what a park can be, these hybrid spaces are also public squares, open-air museums, botanical gardens, social service organizations, walkways, transit corridors, and more.

Helping projects reach their full potential

Infrastructure reuse projects can bring tremendous social, environmental, and economic benefits to our cities. We want these benefits to reach as many people as possible, especially longtime residents of neighboring communities. Together, the network is exploring how to make these projects truly equitable public spaces.

What I hope the High Line has done is make the impossible possible. The network helps all of us learn from each other so that our spaces can reach their full potential.

Robert Hammond, Co-founder & Executive Director, Friends of the High Line

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our members?

Our members are leaders of North American nonprofit organizations developing or operating infrastructure reuse as public spaces.

How are projects in the Network selected?

All projects in the Network reclaim infrastructure and reimagine it as public space. Projects are chosen based on their values of equity and social impact, commitment of leadership to Network activities, and geographic representation.

How do I become a Network member?

Applications are closed for 2020. Interested and applicable organizations can contact our team to be notified for the next call in 2021.

How do I stay up-to-date on the field of infrastructure reuse?

Visit the news page and the High Line’s blog for the latest. In the future, resources will be available on this website so that the network can share knowledge and updates with other projects around the world.

How do I get in touch?

For general inquiries, press, and support, please reach out to info@network.thehighline.org.

Who is leading the network?

Friends of the High Line, the nonprofit organization that founded, funds, and maintains the High Line in New York City, is leading the network in close collaboration with project representatives.

Why did Friends of the High Line establish this network?

For many years, Friends of the High Line shared advice with community leaders, designers, mayors, and others looking to develop infrastructure reuse projects in their own cities. Seeing the transformative potential of these projects and the value of connecting the people who are bringing them to life, Friends of the High Line decided to establish a peer-to-peer network to help project leaders learn from each other.


The High Line Network is made possible by the founding support of The JPB Foundation.