Urban Land Magazine / May 25, 2022

Envisioning Inclusion: How Scott Kratz Transformed Bold Community Voices into the 11th Street Bridge Park

Scott Kratz is the senior vice president of Building Bridges Across the River (Building Bridges), and director of the 11th Street Bridge Project, Building Bridge’s largest project to date. Building Bridges and the Washington, D.C., city government are transforming an old freeway bridge into a park above the Anacostia River. The base of one of the bridges will become a one-of-a-kind civic space supporting active recreation, environmental education, and the arts.

The City Life Org / May 21, 2022

The High Line Network launches the Community First Toolkit, a guide for expanding equity in public spaces

The High Line Network, a program of the High Line that supports a group of nonprofit organizations transforming underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes, announces the launch of its Community First Toolkit. Developed by the High Line Network in partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Urban Institute, the Community First Toolkit is an equity-based action planning resource for practitioners in the field of infrastructure reuse, as well as city officials, urban planners, nonprofit leaders, and other community members.

Bloomberg / May 17, 2022

Here’s How to Get Infrastructure Funds to Smaller Cities

When President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law six months ago, it was hailed as a historic investment in America’s physical needs and an opportunity for transformative impact on challenges like climate change and racial wealth equity. But whether the money is allocated to the most deserving and important projects that move our nation forward will depend in no small part on whether cities and towns of all sizes, from all regions, submit strong applications for the aid. And that is easier said than done.

The Boston Globe / May 10, 2022

How do we memorialize the pandemic?

THROUGHOUT THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, temporary memorials have paid tribute to those lives claimed by the virus. They serve as quiet places to mourn loved ones and a chance to comprehend the enormity of the pandemic — more than 6 million dead worldwide.

The New York Times / April 28, 2022

What Role Do Parks Play in Your Life?

What are the parks like in your community? What do you and your family and friends do there? What is your favorite park? Why

GeekWire / April 14, 2022

How Seattle’s new waterfront could boost a battered downtown and impact tech companies

You might say the Seattle waterfront project has faced a few setbacks.

There was the multi-year fight about how to solve the problem of the crumbling Alaskan Way viaduct. The round-and-round debates about tunnels versus surface streets versus elevated highways. There was the time tunnel-boring machine “Bertha” gave up the ghost and sat stone-still beneath the city for two years. And the time Pier 58 fell into Puget Sound.