PR Newswire / June 12, 2018

First glimpse of 200-acre Missouri Riverfront master plan

OJB Landscape Architecture released concept designs for downtown Omaha’s new riverfront park, which is part of a master plan to revitalize underutilized, industrial areas adjacent to the Missouri River. The proposal would span both sides of the river, unifying Omaha and Council Bluffs into a regional destination.

Curbed / June 6, 2018

BeltLine CEO: 5,600 affordable housing units won’t cut it

The Atlanta BeltLine’s original master plan outlined ambitions to create 5,600 affordable housing units along the trail over a 25-year period. Brian McGowan, who stepped into the project’s CEO role amid concerns of undelivered affordability promises, wants to increase the promised number of affordable units to 10,000.

CityLab / June 5, 2018

Is LEED tough enough for the climate-change era?

Twenty years ago, the U.S. Green Building Council piloted its LEED certification, which has reshaped architecture and real estate. But how much does it dent buildings’ energy use?

designboom / June 3, 2018

Taiwan railway line to be transformed into green corridor

The architectural firm Mecanoo has unveiled their plans to transform a former railway line in Taichung, Taiwan into a bio-diverse green corridor. The firm envisions that the one-mile linear park will improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity and support conservation of the area’s biodiversity.

CityLab / June 1, 2018

In search of the ‘just city’

Toni Griffin, one of the prominent black women in architecture and design, is leading her students at Harvard in envisioning and designing the “just city.” An exhibition of her work featured a Just City Index, which she describes as a tool for communities and cities to use for crafting their own definitions of justice.

The New York Times / May 24, 2018

Sports stadiums help lead the way toward greener architecture

In recent years, sports arenas have become showcases for green design. Their physical and cultural prominence means that green stadiums are shining a light on the complex and critical issue of climate change.

Inside Philanthropy / May 22, 2018

Parks project fueled by private dollars, with an eye on equity

With similar public space projects being increasingly scrutinized for fueling gentrification in surrounding neighborhoods, the real challenge for Philly’s Rail Park is not just fundraising enough to build a crown jewel park for the city, but one that equitably serves the surrounding community.

Architecture & Design / May 21, 2018

Could Sydney’s North Shore get its own High Line park?

The proposed Sydney Harbour High Line would connect several major public spaces by creating a 2-mile walking path along the railroad between the Lavender Bay and Waverton stations in Sydney’s North Shore. Unlike many similar rails-to-trails projects, trains would continue to run adjacent to the pedestrian walkway.

The Austin American-Statesman / May 18, 2018

Austin businessmen give $5 million to Waller Creek project

Two Austin businessmen have teamed up to donate $5 million to the Waller Creek revitalization project and are now challenging others to step forward and do the same. This money will help fund the development of the 35-acre Waller Creek Park, which will stretch 1.5 miles through downtown Austin, from Lady Bird Lake to East 15th Street.