The Toronto Star / September 9, 2019

Have you seen the full moon under the Gardiner? Get ready to sing to it with Choir! Choir! Choir!

U.K. artist Luke Jerram’s The Museum of the Moon will arrive at the Bentway, the 1.75-kilometre public space and outdoor gallery located underneath the Gardiner Expressway. The Museum of the Moon is a giant balloon, seven metres in diameter, built to 1:500,000 scale using NASA imagery, illuminated from the inside to provide an up-close view of the Moon’s rocky craters, dead volcanic cones and lava flows.

Project for Public Spaces / May 31, 2019

A playbook for inclusive placemaking: Community process

In the process of placemaking, questions like who the community is and how to ensure that community voices not only get heard once, but continue to be felt in a public space as it evolves, are common. Read more about Project for Public Spaces recommendations on how to ensure inclusion in public space projects.

Next City / May 23, 2019

How Chicago's South side is creating the "un" High Line

The Englewood Line Trail is bringing new life to a two mile section of the railway line. The project seeks to revitalize this open space with a clear objective to keep community residents involved in planning and in the neighborhood.