SPUR / January 25, 2021

Coexistence in Public Space

As more and more Bay Area residents find themselves without homes, many have defaulted to living in public parks, plazas and squares. These spaces were not designed to be homes, however, and housed users often voice concerns that the presence of unhoused residents renders spaces unwelcoming or even unsafe.

The Bentway / January 23, 2021

Cycling Safely: The Role of Bikes in Urban Recovery with Dave Shellnutt

Toronto has long been a city of cyclists, but since the COVID crisis began, biking has surged in both popularity and relevance. People looking for alternatives to public transit during the pandemic are taking up biking as a way to navigate the city. And with the acceleration of cycling-friendly initiatives and infrastructure this past summer, many who were once hesitant about biking in the city, now feel safe enough to do so—though much work remains to be done to reach a “vision zero” benchmark of road safety.

Fast Company / January 12, 2021

This nonprofit is turning empty schoolyards into vibrant public parks

In cities around the world, the pandemic has heightened awareness of the need for parks and natural spaces. After months of lockdowns, with many people spending most of their time inside their homes, something as basic as a patch of lawn or tree-shaded corner park has become a vital urban refuge.

Next City / December 14, 2020

The Black Landscapes That Matter

Black landscapes matter. Or they should — but centuries of oppression followed by disinvestment have led to the erasure of many places important to Black history, and the histories behind them. That must change. If spaces and landscapes are to reflect America as it is, then America as it is must be able to see itself in America’s spaces and landscapes.