The Guardian / December 13, 2018

What would a city that is safe for women look like?

Most cities have not been designed with women’s safety in mind but, from Egypt to Rwanda, new technology, design, and education are reducing the threat of violence on the street.

City Observatory / December 12, 2018

A toolkit for value capture policies

Value capture mechanisms capture a portion of the value created by a public investment and use those funds to help support the asset itself. A new toolkit developed by U3 for Reimagining the Civic Commons presents various value capture mechanisms and highlights their merits and drawbacks.

Dallas News / December 9, 2018

Dallas' Klyde Warren Park spawns a new generation of urban parks

Klyde Warren is considered a world-class urban haven that’s providing a template for a new generation of innovative parks. From Los Angeles to Miami, urban parks over freeways and those transforming railway tracks are cropping up around the country, as cities look to add green space, revitalize their downtowns, and energize downtrodden neighborhoods.

D Magazine / December 7, 2018

Harold Simmons Park reveals a new plan for the Trinity River

This latest designs for Trinity River in Dallas represent refreshingly holistic approaches to thinking about the river. The designers have redirected their focus to enhancing the natural possibilities for the basin by understanding and designing for its form, function, and ecology.

National Recreation and Park Association / December 7, 2018

New urban infrastructure parks

The High Line is an urban park that might have never been built and is now estimated to be responsible for $2B in impact. The Atlanta BeltLine, Buffalo Bayou in Houston, The 606 in Chicago, The Underline in Miami, Philadelphia’s Rail Park, and the 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington, D.C. are among the emerging projects looking to unlock the potential of reimagined infrastructure and the benefits it can bring to their cities.

Culture Map / November 1, 2018

Visionary new plan transforms downtown Austin into urban greenbelt

As part of a community visioning process, a coalition of local organizations have proposed an urban greenbelt encircling downtown Austin, connecting Waller Creek, Lady Bird Lake, and several other parks. The proposal identifies four priorities for the greenbelt: creating a thriving center, growing neighborhoods, increasing mobility, and establishing welcoming places.

Urban Redevelopment Authority / November 1, 2018

Public space: Toward a liveable city

As a part of their master plan, Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority has published research on what makes a good public space. Based on their findings, the government plans focus on rejuvenating existing spaces, involving the community in placemaking, and using design as a transformative tool.