The Indianapolis Cultural Trail a Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick, completed in 2013, is an eight mile linear park that repurposed portions of wide city streets to become a place that prioritizes pedestrians and bicycles, public art and beautiful gardens.

Programming, maintenance and operations for the project is on-going. The project is expanding and that portion is in the design and engagement phase. The additional two miles of Cultural Trail is expected to begin construction in late spring 2021. With both the on-going project and the design for the new project, leading with equity and community engagement for what happens in the public spaces and ensuring they are accessible to all is of utmost importance for the project. Finally, our project also includes a possible partnership which could create an elevated linear park.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Railway
Status Open / Ongoing
Opening 2013
Size 10 miles
Design Team Rundell Ernstberger Associates

Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICTI)

Project Leader Kären Haley