What if we could revitalize a utility corridor to increase biodiversity, connect local communities, and develop a blueprint for regeneration that could be replicated across the country and beyond?

The Meadoway is an ambitious city-building initiative that stretches across 34 densely populated neighborhoods from the Don River to Rouge National Urban Park in the Greater Toronto Area. Transforming barren mowed grass into hundreds of acres of vibrant meadow habitat, The Meadoway will feature 10 miles of multiuse trails and critical ecosystem connections for Toronto’s unique ravine system.

A core component of The Meadoway is community engagement and education to ensure long-term support of this new greenspace. As the result of a unique partnership with local school boards, more than 2,000 students take part in activities in the corridor each year. Urban gardens, nature viewing stations, and new pedestrian bridges over waterways offer opportunities for residents and visitors to experience The Meadoway in a variety of ways.

Scheduled to be completed by fall 2024, The Meadoway will become one of the largest linear parks in Canada and aims to inspire Meadoways in utility corridors across the country.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Utility Corridor
Status Advocacy & Design
Opening November 2024
Size 494 acres, 9.94 miles
Design Team Perkins + Will, Dillon Consulting

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in partnership with the City of Toronto

Project Leader Lisa Turnbull