A riverfront for everyone.

Memphis history is powered by the world’s greatest river. For years, Memphians have dreamed of a riverfront whose majesty matches the river it frames.

Today, guided by the Memphis Riverfront Concept, Memphis River Parks Partnership is transforming underused and disconnected parks, former industrial sites, parks formerly housing Confederate monuments, a historic cobblestone landing, forgotten land behind flood walls and arteries in disadvantaged neighborhoods into a connected, catalytic and inclusive system of public parks and trails with equity as a driving value.

At its center sits Tom Lee Park—the most visible and accessible riverfront real estate. Drawing inspiration from the river itself, this front door to Memphis is being reimagined as a vibrant and dynamic civic space that finally connects the city to its river in beautiful, sustainable and equitable ways.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Waterfront / Waterway
Status Open / Ongoing
Opening Open
Tom Lee Park opening 2023
Size 250 acres
Design Team Groundswell Design Group, SCAPE Studio, Studio Gang

Memphis River Parks Partnership

Project Leader Carol Coletta

Latest News / Memphis Riverfront

Common Edge / August 15, 2022

The Memphis Experience: Building a Park on a Tightrope

Our cities deserve parks that transcend our nation’s divisions. This means we must be bold in their creation. They have to be located in places where poor people can easily get to them and wealthy people can easily see them. They have to be alluring enough to attract people with money who can spend time wherever they choose and welcoming enough to attract people who don’t necessarily believe such places are meant for them. They have to be civil enough to convey the feeling of safety but not so restrictive that joy cannot be amply expressed. They have to reflect both the diversity of a community and the beliefs and values it holds in common.