The 150 year-old, 71 mile-long High Line Canal—a landmark of Colorado’s agricultural history—is being repurposed as one of the longest continuous urban trails in the country.

The High Line Canal originally served to bring water to a growing Denver region. Times have changed. No longer a sustainable water delivery system, the Canal is being repurposed as an 850 acre greenway that serves stormwater management needs, while providing multiple environmental, recreational, and social benefits. The Canal threads together over 15 distinct communities, 24 schools, 8000 acres of open spaces, and millions of people, and connects the socioeconomic mosaic of the Denver metro area.

The High Line Canal Conservancy is advancing the visionary plan to complete the final miles of the trail and improve access, safety, and quality of experience for all communities, while honoring the Canal’s legacy and demonstrating how to do more with less.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Waterfront / Waterway
Status Open / Ongoing
Size 850 acres, 71 miles
Design Team Agency Landscape + Planning, Sasaki, Livable Cities Studio

High Line Canal Conservancy in partnership with local governmental agencies

Project Leader Harriet Crittenden LaMair

Steering Committee Member

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