At $465 million, Gathering Place is the largest private gift to a community park in U.S. history.

This project of the George Kaiser Family Foundation opened in 2018 with a mission to bring people together in a vibrant and inclusive free space. As a 66.5 acre park on Tulsa’s waterfront along the Arkansas River, the topography of Gathering Place helps structure the site as a series of distinctive spaces that each support a variety of activities.

Play spaces within the park are boldly expressive. The complex combination of elements creates an environment for imaginative and tactile play.

Sports give teenagers and young adults many reasons to visit. Nighttime use of the park is encouraged through dining opportunities, a cohesive lighting strategy, and venues for diverse programming.

With more than 100 unique experiences, Gathering Place features an abundance of programming, entertainment, activities, public art, and attractions.

The name of the park reflects the guiding vision: Gathering Place is a place of unity and is a park for everyone.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Waterfront / Waterway
Status Open / Ongoing
Opening 2018
Size 66.5 acres
Design Team Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

GGP Parks, LLC

Project Leader Julio Badin