BridgePark is a proposed linear public park that will span the James River and connect the riverfront experience to downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The park will transform existing roadways (including a portion of the Manchester Bridge over the James River) into a world-class destination for art, ecology, education, events, historical interpretation, transportation, and community engagement.

The park location boasts a wealth of historic sites and natural resources, including national historic landmarks, antebellum ruins, whitewater rapids, and countless birds of prey. BridgePark will create new view sheds for, and seamless paths to, critical national sites—highlighting unique, often untold stories of North American history and culture.

The new greenway and series of park spaces will further engage visitors with interpretive artwork, innovative landscape design, play places, and stunning views of the river.

Project Details

Infrastructure Type Highway
Status Advocacy & Design
Opening 2025
Size 2 miles
Design Team Buro Happold, Spatial Affairs Bureau

Richmond BridgePark Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) organization

Project Leader Ted Elmore

Steering Committee Member

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