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Philanthropists flock to D.C.’s Bridge Park

The proposed 11th Street Bridge Park continues to inspire big-name philanthropists—JPMorgan Chase will donate $10 million in Wards 7 and 8 of the District, including $5 million to preserve affordable housing for low-income residents.

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Buffalo Bayou Park and designing a resilient future for Houston

Could Hurricane Harvey provide the impetus to expand Houston’s greenways, creating a greener, more resilient city?

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Five people making American cities better for all

American cities are in the midst of an urban renaissance, pursuing design, sustainability, and social good. Here are five people helping architects and designers to make our cities better.

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China's 'sponge cities' aim to re-use 70% of rainwater

With rapid urban migration forcing developers into flood-prone areas, China’s “sponge city initiative” would help prevent catastrophic flooding in cities through the use of permeable surfaces and green infrastructure.