How city parks are welcoming immigrants

From New York City to Portland, Oregon, parks departments across the country are listening to immigrant communities and designing events and facilities with inclusivity in mind.

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Houston Chronicle

How redeveloping the Buffalo Bayou will change east Houston

Learn what the Buffalo Bayou Partnership is doing to engage its community and ensure the next phase reflects the cultural and industrial legacy of the East End and Fifth Ward.

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The Globe and Mail

The Bentway defines the next wave of urban public spaces

The Bentway in Toronto represents a new generation of public space: a mix of recreation, culture, and social spaces that serve the needs of an evolving city.

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News 12 Brooklyn

Proposal for BQGreen gains momentum

12The proposed BQGreen would be a 3.5-acre park over a portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The area is known for heavy air pollution—asthma rates on the Southside of Williamsburg are nearly double those of the rest of NYC. Advocates are stepping up pressure to make the project a reality.