There is a movement in cities across the world to reclaim underutilized infrastructure and reimagine it as public space.

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The Globe and Mail

The Bentway defines the next wave of urban public spaces

The Bentway in Toronto represents a new generation of public space: a mix of recreation, culture, and social spaces that serve the needs of an evolving city.

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Cities look to business (not Washington) to build sustainability

When solutions to the biggest problems facing society come with equally big price tags, how do mayors pay for them? A group of mayors discuss the ways cities are working with the private sector to promote sustainability, accommodate population growth, and fortify aging infrastructure.

Next City

Congress could give important bipartisan boost to city parks

A bipartisan bill introduced last month in the U.S. House of Representatives would create a permanent funding stream for urban parks. The goal of this grant program is to create parks in areas lacking in green space and recreation activities across the country, not just America’s biggest cities.

"You're looking at a game-changer for LA — the epicenter of the transformation"

The High Line Network is a group of infrastructure reuse projects—and the people who are helping them come to life.

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